A payment agreement form must be completed by every individual or family at the start of each semester. (Any applicable discounts should be discussed with the admission’s advisor prior to the completion of this form.) If we do not receive this form and you already have a payment plan in place, the existing plan will continue until you notify us otherwise. At Ummahaatul Mu’mineen Institute (UMMI) the contribution of fees by parents and guardians is essential to the institute’s ability to provide and resource its educational program. Fees can be paid in full or installments.

Name(s) of Students Under this Plan

Course(s) of Enrollment (Please list for each enrollee)


Parent/Guardian Name (if applicable)

Plan A $ 378

I will make a lump sum payment of (below) on or prior to 15th of November for the whole year upfront, attracting a 10% discount. (Please note: this transaction is non-refundable after 4 weeks of study.)

Plan B $ 199.50

I would like to make two lump sum payments of (below) attracting a 5% discount. The 1st payment will be made on or prior to 15th of December. The 2nd payment will be made on or prior to 15th March.

Plan D $ 70.00

Plan D I would like to pay by monthly installments. I understand that with this option, payments must be made on the 10th of every month. In the event I enroll this month after the specified date, the same amount will be due immediately.